Once you’ve signed up check out your Vendor Dashboard!

Make sure to go to settings to input your paypal email and other store settings. 

Nikkeo has a PER ITEM shipping system.

1 – You can set up your default shipping costs in your vendor dashboard.

These will be the default shipping costs, per item, by location, you set up in your dashboard. You can choose where to ship, how much shipping to charge for a unique item, and then how much to charge for an additional quantity.

2 – When submitting a product you are given the option to enable/disable shipping and override the default shipping costs.

The shipping costs input box will pop up and you can choose the specific locations/costs you’d like to set for that particular item.

3 – Each variation = additional quantity, not another unique item.

NIKKEO lets you offer variations of an item. This means different sizes/colors/etc, or things like album versions and photocards of different members. Each variation = an additional quantity and the shipping will be calculated off of your additional quantity cost, not unique item cost.

4 – You can dismiss the state box to ship to a country as a whole.

The shipping cost input boxes lets you specify shipping cost per item/quantity for various locations. When a country is selected the state selection box will automatically pop up. If you do not need to specify shipping by state you can simply x out of the state box to set your shipping cost for that entire country. Please note that if you do not dismiss the box and leave it without selecting anything it will mess up your shipping calculations.

5 – The “Everywhere Else” option is very important.

If you select USA, then NYC, but don’t add the “Everywhere Else” option in the state box it means you are only shipping to NYC for USA. If you choose “EE” on the country level you are capturing the rest of the world.




PRODUCT-A: No Override, Default Ship


PRODUCT-B(White/Black): ITEM – $4, ADD QTY – $3

PRODUCT-B (White) x1
PRODUCT-B (Black) x2
TOTAL SHIP: $2 + $1 + $4 + $3 + $3
PRODUCT-B (Black) x1
PRODUCT-B (White) x3
TOTAL SHIP: $2 + $1 +$1 + $4 + $3 + $3 + $3

Some things to be mindful of when uploading products:

 If you do not have infinite stock please check enable stock management and put how many units you have available. This is to allow the site to track how much stock you have left and prevent overlapping orders. If you do not manage inventory NIKKEO will assume you have infinite stock.

Product submission currently needs admin approval so expect a delay.
New tags can only be added by admin. You can add a "tag: ..." line in your description to let me know what to tag.
You can select more than one category. IE: official + album/dvd + photocard + signed

You can offer different version, member, etc options for one item.

This = variable product.


It is important to create a variable rather than a simple product when you are selling variations because it gives you the ability to manage each variation separately. For example if you were selling two versions of an album you can price them differently and track the stock for each version.


There is a video tutorial for variable products in Dokan Guides.

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