what is nikkeo.net

A kpop marketplace!

Right now the buy/selling for kpop usually takes place on social media, which isn’t e-commerce friendly, and everything is spread out as a result. I’m trying to offer a more convenient, organized, and centralized platform through NIKKEO. The goal is to become THE place to buy/sell kpop, the goal is to make all our lives easier.

Fun Fact #1: “ni-kkeo” means “yours” in korean
Fun Fact #2: logo is a pufferfish cause it’s cute

why should i use nikkeo

It’s pretty isn’t it? Well at least I tried to make it so. All kidding aside… I know it can be daunting trying out something new. You can read up on WordPress, WooCommerce, Dokan, and GON to understand better how NIKKEO runs.

It’s safe, secure, and a better alternative to selling on social media sites. NIKKEO provides sitewide search and a tagging system that makes it easier to browse. The order dashboard offers a more organized way to communicate with buyers. You can provide status updates, set reminders for yourself, and easily refer to past transactions. The inventory management system allows vendors to forgo the manual process of updating google docs and lengthy posts. Once everything is uploaded the only thing you have to worry about is selling! Monetarily, it’s a better alternative to other e-commerce sites. More importantly, as more people start to sell on NIKKEO it will allow for a centralized audience because the people here are just here for kpop!

It also has nice features like the wishlist and the compare function!

If you are still hesitant about selling on NIKKEO please feel free to reach out and I will do my best to answer your questions!

how does the payment process work

The payment process runs with the Paypal Adaptive Payments add-on for Dokan. It works the same as any e-commerce platform. When a buyer makes a payment Paypal sends the money directly to the vendor. 

If a vendor exceeds 20K sales in a given year they will need to upgrade to a business paypal account, otherwise using a personal paypal account is fine.

what fees does nikkeo charge

The PayPal fee of (2.9% + $0.30) applies, along with a 2% transaction fee. For the buyer there is no fee. Though, the vendor may choose to pass on the cost of these fees through their product price. Vendors can play around with the Fee Calculator to determine what price they want to charge.

what is the difference between buyer and vendor accounts

When you sign up you can choose between a simple buyer account or a vendor account. If you have no desire to sell you can choose the buyer account and just have a dashboard of your account information and order history. Vendor accounts have a separate dashboard to manage their products, orders, etc. Don’t worry if you change your mind later because there is always the option to upgrade to a vendor account, at no additional cost!

how do I sell/list a product

There are two types of products you can sell. A simple product and a variable product. A simple product is just your standard I am selling X units of product Y. A variable product gives customers the option to choose different options. IE: different colors, members for photocards, album versions. You can specify a price and stock quantity for each option as well.

Please click here for a guide on listing products.

how do I edit my images

You can do so via the media library. You can access by clicking the little image icon next to the calculator.

This brings you to the wp-admin page, which is basically the backend of the website. You do not need to do anything else here because I have made managing your products/orders viable on the frontend, through the vendor dashboard, which is more user friendly.

how does shipping work

Nikkeo has a PER ITEM shipping system.

1 – You can set up your default shipping costs in your vendor dashboard.

These will be the default shipping costs, per item, by location, you set up in your dashboard. You can choose where to ship, how much shipping to charge for a unique item, and then how much to charge for an additional quantity.

2 – When submitting a product you are given the option to enable/disable shipping and override the default shipping costs.

The shipping costs input box will pop up and you can choose the specific locations/costs you’d like to set for that particular item.

3 – Each variation = additional quantity, not another unique item.

NIKKEO lets you offer variations of an item. This means different sizes/colors/etc, or things like album versions and photocards of different members. Each variation = an additional quantity and the shipping will be calculated off of your additional quantity cost, not unique item cost.

4 – You can dismiss the state box to ship to a country as a whole.

The shipping cost input boxes lets you specify shipping cost per item/quantity for various locations. When a country is selected the state selection box will automatically pop up. If you do not need to specify shipping by state you can simply x out of the state box to set your shipping cost for that entire country. Please note that if you do not dismiss the box and leave it without selecting anything it will mess up your shipping calculations.

5 – The “Everywhere Else” option is very important.

If you select USA, then NYC, but don’t add the “Everywhere Else” option in the state box it means you are only shipping to NYC for USA. If you choose “EE” on the country level you are capturing the rest of the world.




PRODUCT-A: No Override, Default Ship


PRODUCT-B(White/Black): ITEM – $4, ADD QTY – $3

PRODUCT-B (White) x1
PRODUCT-B (Black) x2
TOTAL SHIP: $2 + $1 + $4 + $3 + $3
PRODUCT-B (Black) x1
PRODUCT-B (White) x3
TOTAL SHIP: $2 + $1 +$1 + $4 + $3 + $3 + $3

is there a proper format for listing

There are really no restrictions. The search bar up top looks at both your product title and description, so as long as you have the key words somewhere (it does not search tags though!) it should be easy to find your listing.

For tagging/searching purposes I recommend adding a “tags: ” section at the end of your description.

why are my products not displayed right away

Right now, the site is set up so product submissions need admin review. I am doing this so I can add tags as needed and make sure listings don’t get overly messy.

how do i get my products featured on the front page

Please contact management at mgt@nikkeo.net to ask to be featured.

what is a "nikkeo verified" vendor and how do i become verified

If a store has a “nikkeo verified” banner that means the vendor has provided the admin with proof of past purchases. To become a verified seller please reach out to nikkeo.mgt@gmail.com for further information.

i can’t add/find a tag

  • Only admin can add tags. I am building up the tag database as products are submitted.
  • To keep the tags from getting too convoluted there are only ARTIST, MEMBER, and EVENT tags. IE: BTS, JIN, WINGS TOUR.
  • Please check the Tag Page to see if what you’re looking for exists in a slightly different format.
  • If you cannot find a tag please request here

how do I know if a vendor ships to my area

During the initial setup process vendors will have specified their shipping availability and rates. You will be alerted during checkout if they do not ship to your area. The shipping tab on each product page will also tell you what areas the product ships to.

is there a way to contact a vendor about a product

Yes, please use the product inquiry tab found on every product page. This will send an email to the vendor about the product in question. You can also check the vendor’s store page to see if they have listed their email or other ways to contact them.

how does the review/rating system work

Reviews/ratings are given on the product basis, by users who have purchased the product. These product reviews accumulate to the vendor’s overall rating.

i have been scammed what can I do

Please contact Paypal immediately and report the incident. If Paypal proves unhelpful please consider reaching out to your bank directly.

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